The Nuchslep is the 4th episode of Season 1 of The Nanny.

Plot Edit

Maggie has a date and Mr. Sheffield makes Fran tag along as a chaperone. When Eddie shows interest in Fran, Maggie gets angry with Fran for stealing her boyfriend. Fran promises to dump Eddie following the O.G.C. (Official Girlfriends Code), but turns out Eddie only wanted Fran to give Mr. Sheffield his résumé so it didn't look like he was using Maggie. And Mr. Sheffield gives C.C. a dog for her birthday, but the dogs seems to like Fran better than C.C.

Cast Edit

Fran Drescher as Fran Fine
Charles Shaughnessy as Maxwell Sheffield
Daniel Davis as Niles
Lauren Lane as C.C. Babcock
Nicholle Tom as Maggie Sheffield
Benjamin Salisbury as Brighton Sheffield
Madeline Zima as Grace Sheffield

Guest starring

James Marsden as Eddie


Fritzi Burr as Woman at the Movies
Aaron Heynab as Man at the Movies

Quotes Edit

(Niles is in the pantry sneezing, and Fran comes in to check on him)
Fran: Niles, what's the matter?
Niles: Oh, lately I've been feeling a little queer.
Fran: (with a look of confusion) Don't ask, don't tell. (then to Niles) But you should really come out of the closet.

Fran: Us. Me. You. It's not gonna happen.
Eddie: You think...Miss Fine, you're old enough to be my--
Fran: Watch it.
Eddie: Sister.

Fran: I'm just trying to expose the children to other cultures. We order Chinese food, they learn how Jewish people eat.

Trivia Edit