The Gym Teacher


April 6, 1994

Written by

Alan Eisenstock & Larry Mintz

Directed by

Gail Mancuso

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Maggie has been trying to get out of gym class because she has a tough teacher, so Fran decides to talk to her teacher and finds out it's the same teacher that tormented her in her high school days. Meanwhile, Mr. Sheffield goes trough a similar problem when he hires Academy Award winner Alan Beck (who in the past 'accidentally' set Maxwell on fire) to star in next play and Alan treats him miserably until Maxwell threats to fire him.

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  • Tracy Kerestes as Student
  • Christopher Carroll as Auditioner #2
  • Rita Moreno as Miss Wickervich/Mrs. Stone
  • Joseph Bologna as Alan Beck

Quotes Edit

Quotes Edit

Fran: Val, what comes after a sentence?
Val: A parole?
Fran: (to Maggie) You may have guessed Val is not short for valedictorian. Now what's going on? You've had your period 4 times this month.
Maggie: So?
Fran: SO, women don't get their periods 4 times a month, otherwise all the men would be institutionalized.
Val: Which would not necessarily affect my social life.

Maxwell: I hate actors, they ruin theatre.

Niles: A woman with an electrical appliance around her neck and her feet in water should remember who her friends are.

Fran: (Upon hearing that actor Alan Beck set a 20 year old Maxwell on fire) Well you're not a 20 year old boy anymore, you're a big macher producer.
Maxwell: Yes, but I'm still flammable.