Stewart Babcock

First Appearance

Ode to Barbra Joan

Last Appearance

Ode to Barbra Joan

Episode Count

1 Episode


Daddy (C.C)






Unnamed father (father)
Grandmama Babcock (mother)
G.G. Babcock (niece)
Unnamed uncle (brother/brother in-law)
Mimi (sister/sister in-law)
Niles (son in-law)
B.B. Babcock (wife)


Noel Babcock (bson)
D.D. Babcock (daughter)
C.C. Babcock (daughter)

Portrayed by

Robert Culp

Stewart Babcock is a fictional character, portrayed by Robert Culp, on American sitcom, The Nanny. He is C.C. Babcock's father.

When Stewart was in New York City, he had tickets to a Barbra Streisand concert, to which C.C. did not want to go, claiming her voice was too nasal for her tastes. Fran Fine, of course, defended her idol, claiming that several of her deceased family members "just rolled over" in their graves. Because Fran likes Barbra, he offered to take her to the concert, which also led to the pair spending a bit of time together in the days leading up to it. This led to C.C. becoming jealous of her father's relationship with a woman that close to her own age.

When Stewart realised, with help from Fran, that his daughter wanted his attention and to spend time with him despite pushing him away, Fran stepped aside so she could go to the concert with him.

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