Schlepped Away


March 9, 1994

Written by

Peter Marc Jacobson & Fran Drescher

Directed by

Linda Day

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Deep Throat

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Stop the Wedding, I Want to Get Off

The family plans a vacation on the Caribbean Islands, but, due to a heavy snowstorm, the airports and bridges are closed. This leaves everybody stranded at Sylvia's apartment in Queens. They quickly learn the Fine style of living and get closer to each other, in the best "Gilligan's Island" way. Fran finds a love note from the butcher to her mother stuffed inside a chicken and starts to think Sylvia is having an affair. As it turns out, Morty, Fran's father, knows that she's really just flirting to get discounts on the beef.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Gregg Rogell as Kenny Keroucas

Quotes Edit

Quotes Edit

(The entire Sheffield household has descended on Sylvia's apartment unexpectedly)
Sylvia: (to Fran) You couldn't call to tell a person that you're coming? I would have Windexed the couch.

Fran: Brighton. Go sleep with your sisters.
Maxwell: C.C.'s in there.
Niles: Well, she's used to getting kicked out of bed.

Sylvia: Miss Babcock, you've hardly touched your tongue!
C.C.: Actually, I'm on a "no tongue" diet.
Niles: The senator will be so disappointed.

Maxwell: (Referring to Merv Griffin) He's a giant in the industry.
Sylvia: Yeah, his weight does go up and down, God bless him.

C.C.: Well, if you'll all excuse me, I have a life to get on with. I have a standing invitation with a certain senator.
Niles: Humph. What some politicians won't do for a vote.

Niles: I hear Club Med has a "desperate women with no prospects" package.
C.C.: It's a waste of money. (her eyes widen) So I've heard!

Fran: (Showing Maxwell a picture in a Cosmopolitan magazine) Oh, gee. Look at this gorgeous, tanned family relaxing on the beach. Oh, who is that attractive brunette in the background there? Oh, gee, you know... that must be the nanny!
Maxwell: No... no, it couldn't be. Her mouth is closed.

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