Personal Buisness


December 29, 1993

Written by

Peter Marc Jacobson & Fran Drescher

Directed by

Lee Shallat-Chemel

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After a soap opera star imposes a date with Fran to be on Mr. Sheffield's upcoming play, Maxwell has to re-consider his rule about not mixing personal lives with business. Fran's dream date is a big disappointment after the big star she loves turns out to be a first class jerk.

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  • Stephen Nichols as Brock Storm

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Quotes Edit

(Fran and Maxwell are having a conversation after she gets back from her date with Brock)
Maxwell: Frankly, Ms. Fine, after the way he treated you I don't care to work with him any more.
Fran: Oh, too bad, 'cause now he could really hit those high notes! Good night, Mr. Sheffield! (Fran walks upstairs)
Brighton: Does that mean she kicked him in the...
Maxwell: (interrupts) Goodnight, Brighton!