My Fair Nanny


November 17, 1993

Written by

Andy Goodman

Directed by

Lee Shallat-Chemel

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C.C. announces that she has found a new investor for Maxwell's play, Maureen Wentworth. Mrs. Wentworth is the mother of the most popular debutante at Maggie's school, Cindy. Maggie is adamant against being a debutante, even if that means her father would lost a big investor. Fran assures Maggie that she would help her "fit in", and immediately starts making plans. Fran decides to host a debutante tea party for Maggie's rich friends, and Mr. Sheffield gives Fran etiquette lessons so she won't scare his investors away. He shows her how to walk, talk, dress and eat correctly. The party is a total bore until Fran changes into herself again. The guests love Fran for who she really is, and Maxwell gets new investors for his play.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Nikki Cox as Cindy Wentworth
  • Heather Lynne Allen as Woman
  • Dorothy Lyman as Mrs. Wentworth
  • Magda Harout as Fortune Teller

Quotes and Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

(Fran is helping Brighton study for an exam)
Brighton: I don't need to be a genius. I'm going to be a producer like dad.

Niles: We're British, we can say anything we like and people think it's Shakespeare.
(Maxwell and Niles chuckle to each other)

Fortune Teller: (to C.C.) I tell you for the hundredth time I see no tall, dark, handsome--nothing in your future!

Cindy: (to Maggie) Your father is really cute.
Brighton: You know they say I look just like him.
Cindy: They lied.

Mrs. Wentworth: We landed on Plymouth Rock. My family can be traced back for 500 years.
Fran: We landed on Ellis Island. They changed our names, and now we don't know who the hell we were.

Max: (Trying to teaching Fran to speak without her accent) Repeat after me: Mark went on a lark after dark in Central Park.
Fran: Gee, I hope he's got a gun.

Woman: (to Fran) I love that sculpture! Is it Mayan?
Fran: No, it's his'n! (points to Maxwell)

Trivia Edit

  • In the scene in the office when Maxwell and Niles discuss making over Fran, there is a poster for My Fair Lady on the wall behind them, which is an allusion to the theme of the episode
  • The title of this episode "My Fair Nanny" was later chosen as the name of the Russian remake of the series. This episode title, however, wasn't changed for the remake, and Russians got an episode called "My Fair Nanny" inside the series "My Fair Nanny".

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