Maggie the Model


February 2, 1994

Written by

Diane Wilk

Directed by

Will Mackenzie

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Chloe Simpson, a famous supermodel from the 60's, comes to visit Maxwell, an old affair of hers. She talks Maggie into doing some modeling jobs and Fran's worried that Chloe will let her down. C.C. doesn't like Chloe either, which actually brings she and Fran closer. Maggie is hurt, but realizes Fran was just trying to protect her after Chloe storms out of the country, leaving a disappointed Maxwell behind her.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Victoria Hulett as Model
  • Anthony Cistaro as Carlo
  • Andy Dick as Bernie/Pepé
  • Lesley-Ann Done as Chloe Simpson

Quotes and Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

C.C.: (Jealous because Maxwell has invited Chloe Simpson to the Hamptons) Miss Fine, come on down! Have you ever been to the Hamptons? I hear everyone is going!
Fran: (to Maxwell) Excuse me. (to C.C.) Do you need a Pamprin?
C.C.: No!!
Fran: Are ya sure?

Trivia Edit

  • When Chloe is leaving the house after giving Maggie the pictures and Fran 'trips' her, you can see that Chloe actually steps over Fran's foot and just pretends to trip.

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