Curse of the Grandmas


October 10, 1994

Written by

Eric Cohen

Directed by

Lee Shallat-Chemel

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Fran decides to take Gracie's Red Robins group to volunteer at Yetta's retirement home. Each girl is assigned to an elderly, but Gracie's keep dying. Finally, Fran lends her own grandma to Grace to prove she's not a jinx. Meanwhile, Fran's first anniversary at the house is approaching, and Mr. Sheffield doesn't remember it right away, which makes Fran a little upset. But he makes up to it when he thanks her during an award acceptance speech.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Nancy Linari as Mrs. Livingstone

Quotes Edit

Quotes Edit

Fran: Hi, Grandma Yetta! (Leans over and kisses her cheek) Muah!
Yetta: Boy, are you a big Robin! What, were you left back?

(Walking into the nursing home)
Fran: Okay, Red Robins, now remember your manners, no loud noises, and whatever you do... don't unplug anything.

C.C.: I'd rather die young.
Niles: And we're all pulling for you.

Niles: Grab the wheel Miss Fine, you're swerving.

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